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Dorian Gray Galleries is our nonprofit art gallery that houses art (paintings, pottery, jewelry, antiques, etc) for sale.  All proceeds from Dorian Gray Galleries go towards the Dorian Gray Youth Foundation mission.

If you know any artists or individuals looking to donate art, please visit our website and let us know!

Dorian Gray Galleries holds live auctions which you can keep track of in our on our Events Page!

The next Dorian Gray Galleries auction will be held:

Saturday October 29, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

Follow our Live Auctioneers page to stay ontop of our auctions!

If you would like to see any art in person or make an appointment to see anyone at Dorian Gray Galleries/Dorian Gray Youth Foundation, you can reach us at:

10717 Detroit Avenue Suite 4, Cleveland OH 44102 (by appointment only)

Phone: 330-618-6769 


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