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How to help Dorian Gray Youth Foundation


Interested in purchasing art? Dorian Gray Galleries is our nonprofit art gallery that houses art for sale/auction.  All proceeds from Dorian Gray Galleries go towards the Dorian Gray Youth Foundation mission.

Interested in donating art, or know an individual who would?  Dorian Gray Galleries would love your 100% tax-deductible art donation.  Reach out here to get started!


Are you an LGBTQ+-affirming business? Do you interact with the housing insecure youth community?  Do you provide services or resources to help serve these communities? Do you have an upcoming event you would like us to share? Please reach out here if you would like to partner with us or be added to our Resources page!

Other Ways to Help

Interested in helping in other ways?

Visit our Events page for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities! 

Direct donations available via PayPal.

Image by Jordan McDonald
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